About us

FDMworldwide was founded 2013 by Evgeny Haimov and Thorsten Fischer. The aim of FDMworldwide was and is to spread the Fascial Distortion Model for health care professionals and therefore for patients worldwide.
Our Fascial Distortion Model courses (Basic, Advance and special courses) are aimed to Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and other health professionals who are allowed according the laws of their country, to apply softtissue and joint techniques.
Our next courses:
5.-6. February FDM Online introduction with Spine action India & Thorsten Fischer (TF)
5.-8. February FDM Module 1 + 2 Irkutsk, Russia with Evgeny Haimov (EH)
10.-13. February FDM Module 1 + 3 Khabarovsk, Russia (EH)
19.-20. February FDM Practical Training & Basic Certificate Munich, Germany (TF)
26.-27. February Jena, Germany Practical Training & Basic Certificate (TF)
5.-6. March FDM Module 1 Saint Petersburg, Russia (EH)
8.-10. March Practical Training & Basic Certificate Winterthur, Switzerland (TF)
12.-13. March FDM Module 1 Moscow, Russia (EH)
21.-23. March FDM Moduel 1 Bangalore, India (TF)
25.-27. March FDM Module 1 Delhi, India (TF)


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